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It's not always easy to go on a fancy Valentine's Day date (or Galentine's Day dinner). Our "Spread the Love" gift box is perfect for an at-home date night. Create your own charcuterie night complete with cabernet sauvignon cheese spread, olive oil & sea salt crackers, fancy cheese spreader, chocolate, and even a mini bouquet! You add the wine or your beverage of choice.

What's in the box?

❤️ Sweeter Cards chocolate bar
❤️ Matte gold and white cheese spreader
❤️ 2 packages of mini olive oil & sea salt crackers
❤️ Cabernet sauvignon cheese spread
❤️ Dried Mini Floral Bouquet (you pick the mini bouquet! ^_^)
❤️ Optional hand-written note

Full Product Listing:

❤️ Sweeter Cards - You Make My Heart Melt 
- The perfect combination of greeting card and gourmet chocolate bar ALL IN ONE
- Decadent sea salt caramel dark chocolate

❤️ Kriya Veda - Matte Gold & White Cheese Spreader
- Made from stainless steel with superior quality
- 7in in length
- Dishwasher safe

❤️ Jocelyn & Co. - Valentine Mini Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers
- Crispy olive oil and sea salt crackers in individual size
- 5 large crackers per box

❤️ Jocelyn & Co. - Cabernet Sauvignon Cheese Spread
- Smooth and rich spreadable cheese

❤️ Dried Mini Floral Bouquet
- Choose between roses, white, pink or purple statice

Spread the Love