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It's nice to meet you! We're the faces behind The Bow Orchard. The beautiful blonde to the right is Ashley and the crazy red-head to the left is Kristy. And, yup! You guessed it - we're sisters. (No, we're not twins.) We got the fabulous idea to create a place for all you beautiful people to learn how to wrap gifts like a pro, decorate for all occasions and not bust your wallet. And hey, we may throw in some random other fun stuff too!


You're probably thinking, "that's great but WHO are you?" Glad you asked! Ashley is a fabulous graphic artist, gift wrapping extrodinare, master of making the most out of dollar store finds and a mother of a beautiful baby girl. Kristy, on the other hand, is not a gift wrapping extrodinaire but she's a digital marketing guru, amateur jewelry designer, loves highlighting her sister's awesome skillz, being silly and a mother of 3 beautiful girls.

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